Set up of Outdoor Patio wedding with water views

Experience Memorable Events at Our New Westminster Venue

Set the Scene for Spectacular

Imagine a venue where every gathering is inspired by the calming presence of the Fraser River. Whether it’s a joyous reunion, a whimsical shower, a purpose-driven fundraiser, or the wedding of your dreams, we embrace a diverse range of gatherings with open arms. Welcome to Inn At The Quay, where events don’t just take place, they come alive.

Our experienced and friendly staff do more than just set the scene, they help craft your dream event into a sparkling reality. All you need to do is dream – and let our dedicated staff weave their magic. At Inn At The Quay, we don’t just host events, we create moments that echo in the heart long after the last guest has left.

Where Waterfront Meets Inspiration

Studies indicate that the proximity to water—or ‘Blue Space’—nurtures relaxation, sparks creativity, and enhances wellbeing. Inn At The Quay, perched above the Fraser River, taps into this elemental influence. When you host your event with us, you’re not just getting a venue; you’re immersing your guests in a space designed to inspire, invigorate, and impress.

Accommodating Comfort

Catering to the diverse needs of our guests, our guest room offerings include 35 rooms with two beds each. With these generous sleeping arrangements, our hotel can easily host larger groups, ensuring that your event is not only memorable, but also incredibly convenient for all involved. The ample room space guarantees that every guest enjoys a relaxing retreat after the day’s celebrations or meetings.