Metro Vancouver

Explore Activities and Things to Do in Metro Vancouver

Embrace the rhythm of vibrant Vancouver, nestled only a quick 25-minute SkyTrain journey from the serene riverside setting of Inn At The Quay. Immerse yourself in Vancouver’s rich tapestry of cultures, its thriving culinary scene, breath-taking natural beauty, and the bustling energy of a world-class city. Spend a day exploring, knowing that the serene comforts of your room at Inn At The Quay await your return, providing the perfect balance of urban energy and waterfront tranquility. Venture into the heart of Vancouver, where endless experiences await!

Feed the Belugas at Vancouver Aquarium

Get up-close and personal with the gentle belugas at Vancouver Aquarium. Step into the role of a marine-life trainer, understand their feeding routines and even get a chance to contribute to their mealtime! You can also delight in interacting with our adorable sea otters. An immersive experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for marine life.

Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Kindred & Scout

Immerse Yourself in Robson Street’s Stylish Vibe

Step onto Robson Street, the heart of downtown Vancouver’s style scene. This bustling avenue is a treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts, flaunting designer boutiques that leave no trend unturned. Between your shopping sprees, pause to recharge at charming outdoor cafes, and sample global flavors from an array of authentic ethnic restaurants. Truly, Robson Street offers a taste of Vancouver’s vibrant city life..

Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Tanya Goehring

Discover Artistic Inspirations at Granville Island

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity at Granville Island, a vibrant 37-acre cultural hub. Peek into artisans’ workshops, witness creativity in action, and maybe even meet a local artist. Explore an eclectic mix of boutique stores, soak up some culture at the island’s theatres, and treat your palate at the diverse restaurants. Don’t miss the famed Public Market, for fresh food, baked goods, and local products. Granville Island, a gem nestled in the heart of the city, invites you to experience its unique blend of art, food, and culture.

Destination Vancouver/Nelson Mouellic

Embrace the Serenity at Stanley Park’s Third Beach

Escape the city’s bustle without leaving its confines at Stanley Park’s Third Beach. This idyllic hideaway invites you to explore its seawall pathway, stretching over 6.5 miles, and offers panoramic views of the azure waters. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Vancouver at the iconic totem poles, and let the delicate fragrance of the blooming rose garden uplift your spirits. Stanley Park is a verdant oasis where city and nature coexist, offering you a tranquil retreat amidst Vancouver’s vibrant cityscape.

Photo credit: Destination BC/Maurice Li

Embrace Adventure at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Inject a dose of thrill into your Vancouver visit with a trip to North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge. Feel your heart race as you cross this awe-inspiring bridge, suspended high above the river, offering spectacular vistas and a rush of adrenaline. Further amplify your adventure by navigating the intricate network of bridges interwoven amidst the verdant treetops. It’s an unparalleled journey where nature’s grandeur meets human ingenuity.

Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Discover Wonders at Science World

Ignite your curiosity at Vancouver’s Science World, where the marvels of the universe are at your fingertips. Engage with interactive exhibits that blend fun and education, stirring the imagination of all ages. From immersive IMAX films to intriguing live demonstrations, it’s a world where questions meet answers and science comes alive. Whether you’re unearthing the secrets of the cosmos or delving into the mysteries of the human body, Science World promises a day of discovery and delight.

Photo credit: Destination Vancouver/Science World


Experience the thrill of the fairways right in the heart of metro Vancouver. New Westminster’s central location provides easy access to a variety of stunning greens in the surrounding areas. With a range of year-round golf courses within a short drive, you’re never far from your next golfing adventure. Be sure to explore the region’s top courses for a truly unforgettable golfing experience.